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Short Selling Woes at Woolworths?

Australian food retailing has always been an exclusive scene, with two dominant players leading the way.

Developments in Retail Banking Trends in the Middle East: Where Are We Heading?

Today’s retail banking industry is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Asian study reveals cash forecasting and cloud as key factors in TMS

By Paul Bramwell | 4/20/2015
senior vice president, treasury solutions,
SunGard's corporate liquidity business
Cash forecasting in particular remains at the top of company agendas.

Is Knowledge the “Business” of Business Intelligence?

By Dan Retzer | 4/14/2015
senior vice president and chief technology officer, SunGard’s securities finance and processing business,
SunGard's capital markets business
Business intelligence (BI) is the term now used whenever we are confronted with making sense of complexity and detail that abounds and is multiplied as we begin to expand our solutions and businesses.

Managed Application Services Help Unlock Business Value

By Paul Bramwell | 4/14/2015
senior vice president, treasury solutions,
SunGard's corporate liquidity business
As technology evolves and becomes more business critical, the need for managed services increases. Secure and seamless management of enterprise applications is critical to every businesses today.

Managed Application Services Help Unlock Business Value

By Jerome Albus | 4/14/2015
When it comes to managing a payment factory, managed application services can help companies to save time, money and resources by handling intensive processes for them

Improving Advice Through Enhanced Advice Delivery

By Scott Parry | 4/13/2015
As a result of this rapid shift, the advice value chain and supporting infrastructure require inspection, evaluation and innovation. In response, the industry is embracing the development and adoption of managed investment solutions enabled by integrated advice delivery platforms.

De-Risking Collections: Making Better Use of Your Time

By C.J. Wimley | 4/13/2015
COO for receivables,
SunGard's corporate liquidity business
Incorporating predictive analytics into the collections management process can help companies effectively mitigate collection risk.

Response to BCBS/IOSCO’s March 2015 Revision of Margin Requirements for Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives

By Alex Soane | 4/9/2015
This paper addresses the BCBS/IOSCO March 2015 On March 18 , 2015, the deadline for companies to manage daily margin requirements for non-cleared trades was postponed.

Private Equity Investor Portals: From Data Rooms to Dashboards

By Jonathan Broch | 4/7/2015
head of pre-sales and product strategy, private equity solutions,
SunGard's asset management business
With reporting processes increasingly under pressure, private equity investor portals have a critical role to play in easing the data management burden.