Front Arena for Position and Risk Management

Risk-taking is an integral part of any trading activity. Implementing the right systems for risk measurement, monitoring and reporting is essential to running a sound and profitable business. This has never been truer than in today’s environment of fast moving markets, regulatory scrutiny and the increasing cost of capital.

SunGard’s Front Arena solution takes real-time position keeping to a new level. It gives you unparalleled insight into all exposures across your trading activities while helping you to keep up to date with regulators' demands.

Dynamic position management reveals all market risks and tests your positions’ sensitivities to them. No matter what the instrument – from vanilla exchange-traded to the most intricate OTC deal – no risk factor remains hidden and no profit and loss (P&L) item goes unexplained. Front Arena monitors and manages positions in real time so that you can make split-second, informed decisions about holding or hedging exposures.

  • Manages position limits in real time with exposure calculations that drive warnings and instant notifications of breached credit or market limits
  • Tests the impact of all market movements on your P&L for dynamic decision support
  • Runs shock analyses on demand
  • Displays all exposures in one place
  • Supports multi-dimensional stress testing to test the effects of any scenario on counterparties, desks, strategies or asset class exposures
  • Features overlay sensitivities (interest rates, yield curves, FX rates) for a multi-dimensional understanding of the opportunities and risks in your position
  • Helps you assess risk on individual positions and across the organization
  • Helps you make more informed and more profitable decisions by running multiple future scenarios and “what if” trades
  • Prepares you for worst case scenarios such as counterparty failure and other unforeseen events
  • Provides you with a consolidated, real-time view of total risk


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