SunGard's Loanet solution helps broker-dealers, custodian banks, agent lenders and other market participants manage their entire securities finance business, from trade initiation through to final return. 

It offers trading, position management, operations, accounting, settlement, transaction analytics, regulatory compliance and trade automation services.


SunGard's Loanet Accounting and Settlement solution is a highly automated accounting and settlement processing system for securities finance transactions, including borrow and loan activity that settles through the Depository Trust Company.
Loanet Order Management helps borrowers source available securities according to their needs with the added value of real-time lender inventory.
SunGard's Loanet suite of solutions can help you meet and maintain regulatory compliance requirements for the U.S. and Canadian securities markets.
The reporting functionality of SunGard's Loanet solution helps ensure timely, detailed and accurate reporting for internal and external clients.
SunGard's Loanet Seg Optimization is a web-based module that provides real-time seg substitution capabilities and identifies hard stock availability.
SunGard's Loanet Short Sale Locates is a web-based module that enhances trading productivity by automating short sale authorizations.
SunGard's Loanet Trading and Inventory Management is a centralized, real-time solution for managing securities lending, borrowing, short sale authorizations, tri-party repo and bank loan financing.
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