Securities Borrowing & Lending

SunGard’s solutions help you automate your entire operation, including order routing, trading, position management, operations, accounting, settlement, trade automation, market data and analytics, and benchmarking.

SunGard gives you the ability to:

  • Make more informed trading decisions through connectivity to trading platforms and the provision of up-to-date pre-trade analytics data
  • Maximize the potential of your firm’s securities and cash portfolios through true real-time global positions management, with support for "follow the sun" securities finance trading
  • Achieve smarter operations by automating and supporting the needs of your securities lending and treasury operations areas while complying with global regulations
  • Join a large community of lenders and borrowers utilizing a common processing environment

Apex Enterprise

SunGard's Apex Enterprise solution offers the opportunity to combine the functionality required for securities lending, repo and synthetic finance with enterprise collateral management in a single platform.

Apex Securities Finance

SunGard's Apex Securities Finance is a global trading and operations solution for securities lending, repo and collateral management that provides a holistic view across multiple business entities, currencies and products.

Astec Analytics

SunGard’s award-winning Astec Analytics solutions deliver global intraday rate and volume information on securities lending transactions as well as analytics and benchmarking tools for trading, performance measurement and program management to institutions involved in investment management and securities finance.

Global One

SunGard’s Global One is an integrated solution for international securities financing, covering the full trade life cycle of principal and agency securities lending and repo transactions.


SunGard's Loanet solution suite for the North American securities lending market brings together a large community of securities finance lenders and borrowers.
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