Ambit Treasury Management

In recent times, the treasury management function has changed from managing operational cash flows across the enterprise to a strategic function responsible for the management of enterprise–wide risk. Companies worldwide are demanding that their bank provide them with value-add services that help them obtain complete visibility into their risk and cash positions and understand their current and future liquidity requirements. The opportunity for banks to acquire new corporate customers and strengthen existing relationships is enormous. However, competition is fierce, and successful banks will be those that can act now.

SunGard’s Ambit Treasury Management solution provides a front-to-back-office platform for cash, liquidity and risk management that also helps you provide a comprehensive service to your corporate customers. With Ambit Treasury Management, you can forecast both known and projected cash flows based on real-time data as well as improve transparency with real-time risk and regulatory reporting. 

With a broad range of asset classes, you can easily extend your service to your customers as your business expands. In addition, Ambit Treasury Management can be provided on a software as a service (SaaS) basis, helping reduce both the burden of tighter IT budgets and time to market.

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