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Gaining control over the data used in the organization is imperative for driving revenue growth, regulatory preparedness, operational efficiency and customer service.

SunGard’s Stream Central solution suite features an enterprise-wide data management framework that normalizes, consolidates and simplifies data from disparate applications into a single repository, helping you create holistic, real-time views of your activity and monitor your risk and exposure across the enterprise. Stream Central also helps manage credit, trade fails and intraday margin as well as supporting internal and regulatory reporting. It helps financial services institutions more effectively manage market data, reference data and transaction data to reduce the cost and complexity associated with adding new products, services and business lines.

What we offer

  • StreamCore

    At many financial services firms, new products and business lines have developed over time, leading to a legacy environment of disparate systems and decentralized information. However, firms now require platforms that can handle multiple types of instruments in the most efficient possible manner. They also need to create holistic view of their enterprise and their end clients in order to properly monitor and control risk and exposure, support compliance and improve customer service.

    SunGard's StreamCore is a centralized data management framework that normalizes and consolidates data from disparate applications across the enterprise into a single repository of accounts, market data, transactions, positions and balances. It can then deliver a single stream of aggregated data into any system, creating easy access to information in real time. With a single, enterprise-wide source of data, you can:

    • Monitor and understand your exposure and positions
    • Ensure that departments across the enterprise are seeing the same data and the same picture
    • Reduce risks and costs


    • Aggregates data from multiple, disparate applications, whether proprietary, third-party or SunGard’s own, in real time
    • Standardizes and normalizes the data
    • Delivers a single stream of aggregated data that can feed any system, creating easy access to real-time information


    • Helps improve control over risk by supporting real-time risk and exposure monitoring through a holistic, enterprise-wide view
    • Helps you prepare for new regulations that will require real-time information and reports
    • Helps you identify new business opportunities
    • Streamlines operations by making them more adaptable
    • Reduces the cost and complexity around adding new products, services and business lines by providing a single data model
    • Simplifies IT architecture by removing redundant processes
    • Frees up IT staff to focus on building business applications, not getting data out of their systems

  • Stream Credit Monitor

    With around-the-clock trading on global exchanges, unprecedented growth in global futures and options trading, exchange demutualization and consolidation, and more sophisticated methods of asset management, it’s never been more challenging to analyze and control credit, manage counterparty exposure and handle collateral management.

    SunGard's Stream Credit Monitor solution gives you the capability to recognize and manage your exposures in real time while helping improve service to your clients. 

    More than a margin call issuance tool, Stream Credit Monitor is a credit management solution that provides a wide array of warning and informational events, helping you evaluate risks and exposures while risk avoidance steps can still be taken. This workflow approach allows your firm to process vast quantities of your clients’ obligations automatically, leaving time to focus on the exposures and issues that are the true exceptions.


    • Offers a deep and customizable rule set that stores your firm’s credit policies
    • Processes both Reg T and portfolio margin accounts
    • Performs a combined set of margin calculations using both risk-based, exchange-driven margin methods and strategy-based margin on non-derivative positions
    • Links accounts to summarize exposures and equity for a given client across the whole of the client’s investment accounts
    • Monitors counterparty exposure for the financing portions of the business, as well as collateral monitoring related to loans on listed and fixed assets
    • Supports a wide range of investment types, exchanges and trading systems, as well as multi-currency transaction and requirement processing


    • Helps you act before exposures may be realized
    • Streamlines operations and helps reduce risk by providing a single platform for effectively managing credit across virtually all asset classes
    • Adapts to your firm's specific requirements and credit policies
    • Helps improve workflow


    Stream Credit Monitor for Collateral Management

    Stream Credit Monitor for Collateral Management, a module of SunGard's Stream Credit Monitor, provides a central repository for all assets, loans, banking, trust and brokerage information, helping you access information more easily and see the full picture of collateral across the enterprise.

    Stream Credit Monitor for Counterparty Exposure

    A module of SunGard's Stream Credit Monitor solution, Stream Credit Monitor for Counterparty Exposure automates the process of credit risk and regulatory accounting monitoring for repo and other financing products.

    Stream Credit Monitor for Futures Margin

    Stream Credit Monitor for Futures Margin is a module of SunGard's Stream Credit Monitor that can handle all aspects of credit management and margin calculation within a derivatives business.

    Stream Credit Monitor for Portfolio Margin

    SunGard's Stream Credit Monitor for Portfolio Margin module helps monitor and predict margin exposure across your retail business, supports margin rules from all of the major exchanges worldwide, and facilitates workflow.

    Stream Credit Monitor for Reg T Margin

    A module of SunGard's Stream Credit Monitor solution, Stream Credit Monitor for Reg T Margin calculates Reg T margin according to your firm's credit policies, credit worthiness profiles and client service standards.


    Stream Credit Monitor is a credit management solution that helps you recognize and manage exposures in real time while helping improve service to clients.

  • Stream Fail Monitor

    Settlement fails can increase risk and exposure and create errors. Yet current procedures are often not equipped to efficiently manage fails. The inefficiencies of the settlement process and the resulting fails are now leading to penalties, as recently enacted in the U.S. Treasury market.

    SunGard's Stream Fail Monitor is a real-time solution that helps you proactively manage fails and exposures quickly and efficiently. Stream Fail Monitor tracks the securities settlement life cycle to help you identify and track different types of fail events and quickly manage settlements throughout the day. It also helps you manage Treasury Market Practices Group (TMPG) commitments by creating claim letters and accruals on Treasury fails and properly tracking receivables and payables. In addition, it may help to reduce fails through the process of consolidating, identifying and netting fails.


    • Manages actual fails
    • Identifies fail exposure by CUSIP and counterparty
    • Creates fail accruals, receivables and payables
    • Creates and tracks counterparty claims
    • Complies with TMPG recommendation for treasuries and the recently adopted MBS and agency transactions


    • Provides real-time updates throughout the day as fails are updated or cleared
    • Generates the documentation needed to efficiently bill counterparties and keep track of outstanding claims
    • Automates current procedures, helping to increase efficiency and support straight-through processing (STP)
    • Automatically alerts you to fail exceptions
    • Helps reduce the errors created by manual processes
    • Helps you comply with the recommendations of the Treasury Market Practices Group (TMPG)
    • Features an intuitive user interface to help you navigate this new model

  • Stream Report Writer

    A financial services firm may have all of the data it needs, but if users can’t easily access the information, it isn’t of any use. Yet all too often, a system is only available to IT groups or staff with technical knowledge, not the business people who need the information. And even when they do get access, the information may be spread across multiple processing systems or only available in specific formats.

    SunGard's Stream Report Writer provides a user-friendly solution for accessing and reporting on data from one or more systems, whether they are third-party or internal. The data from each system is transmitted to Stream Report Writer in real time, so you always have the latest information at your fingertips. You can directly query and report on a wide variety of data elements from your back-office systems, helping you access your back-office data when and how you want to.


    • Uses industry leading technologies, including Oracle and Business Objects, to make it easy for end users to access information
    • Makes data available in real time for the most up-to-date and accurate information
    • Offers access to historical data for research, analysis or comparison purposes
    • Produces reports in a variety of formats


    • Provides access to information in a user-friendly manner that doesn’t require technical knowledge
    • Allows business people to run a variety of reports on their own and then easily share them via email and the web
    • Enables you to customize the design and access of reports, as well as schedule automatic updates of reports
    • Allows you to control access to reports at an individual user level

  • Stream STN Settlements

    Pressures to reduce costs and shrink the length of the trade life cycle are increasing the need to streamline connectivity and trade automation in the trade matching, clearance and settlement process. Every day, trade discrepancies and exceptions introduce cost and risk into a firm’s operations.

    SunGard's Stream STN Settlements is an automated clearing and settlement service that consolidates and controls multiple messaging interfaces via one browser-based platform. It connects custodians, broker-dealers, banks and futures brokers to custodians, depositories and clearing institutions for trade comparison, reconciliation, clearance and settlement. Delivered in an ASP environment, Stream STN Settlements helps eliminate the need to build and manage separate bilateral connections.


    • Provides a SWIFT-certified solution for securities messaging for settlement and clearance
    • Controls and monitors interfaces between securities processing systems and intermediaries via an online queue manager
    • Includes interactive interface management capabilities for FICC RTTM systems
    • Provides a detailed “point in time” interface knowledgebase
    • Features a reconciliation tool with fail-cleanup capabilities
    • Supports U.S. and cross-border tracking


    • Helps operations staff resolve clearance and settlement issues more quickly, helping to increase client satisfaction and retention while reducing credit risk
    • Helps ensure that errors are resolved quickly, preventing incorrect information from reaching clients
    • Integrates with a firm’s existing infrastructure with little or no impact

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