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Managing customer documents can be a major administrative and security burden, as well as a slow and expensive process. Many financial institutions resort to mailing documents in order to ensure security.

InTrader Portal is a module of SunGard's InTrader solution that helps reduce any InTrader customer’s administration and costs by making InTrader documents, risk and portfolio performance analysis, messaging and more available to their clients and affiliates on a turnkey, SunGard-hosted basis. 

With InTrader Portal, you can achieve significant time and cost savings, add value to the service you provide to your clients, and improve strategic selling.

  • Delivers documents in real time or overnight
  • Can distill documents from InTrader into a format suitable for customer access, such as a PDF
  • Provides your clients' investment portfolio reports as a single PDF
  • Notifies clients by email when documents become available
  • Supports commercial-grade graphics for use during board meetings and executive presentations
  • Provides activity monitoring and a straight-through interface for effecting transactional and maintenance activities in InTrader
  • Provides local storage access to all documents
  • Provides easy and immediate access to client and affiliate documents
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need to print and mail documents
  • Helps ensure security through a robust permissioning and auditing system
  • Reinforces branding through white labeling and the addition of contact information and graphics
  • Reduces phone and fax activity, as well as errors, through its Messenger automated two-way messaging platform

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