Managing money is at the core of a financial institution’s business. From profitably investing its own fund balances on a day-to-day basis to underwriting bonds and holding customer assets in safekeeping, a firm’s lifeblood is tracking and investing funds to its best advantage.

SunGard's InTrader solution is an integrated platform for bank treasury and portfolio management, clearance and settlement. It offers:

  • Trading and sales
  • Investment portfolio
  • Safekeeping
  • Funding and correspondent services

Provided in an ASP environment, InTrader includes general ledger, DDA processing, workflow management, online security movement and control and cash management resources. Ideal for medium to large institutions, InTrader’s components can help you optimize investment returns while streamlining operational efficiency.


SunGard's InTrader Fixed Income Broker-Dealer module helps financial institutions comply with SEC regulations regarding net-capital computations, books and records requirements, customer-reserve calculations, possession and control and Reg T.
SunGard's InTrader Funding module provides funding options for financial institutions and their clients.
SunGard's InTrader Investment Portfolio module provides real-time portfolio accounting, reporting and management services for financial institutions and their clients.
SunGard's InTrader Portal can reduce firms’ administration and costs by making InTrader documents, analysis and more available to clients and affiliates on a turnkey, SunGard-hosted basis.
SunGard's InTrader Safekeeping module handles safekeeping and trading activity through one account record and provides updates, security and holdings information as soon as they are available.
SunGard's InTrader Trading and Sales module executes and manages securities transactions and provides real-time position updates, event notifications and integrated online reports.
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