MarketMap Feed

Reliable and high quality market data is necessary to support front-, middle- and back-office functions for a variety of needs, including testing trading strategies, valuing assets and analyzing risk.

SunGard’s MarketMap Feed delivers a real-time stream of global exchange and market data that is flexible and comprehensive. It can quickly be incorporated into trading applications, web portals and back-office systems.

  • Delivers complete and accurate global data via SunGard’s reliable infrastructure 
  • Seamlessly integrates with MarketMap Components and MarketMap Analytic Platform to display and store market data
  • Easily integrated with other vendor or custom-built trading applications, web portals and back-office systems
  • Leverages SunGard’s data centers and points of presence for direct access to feeds from exchanges and other data providers around the world, guaranteeing reliability and redundancy over a single data feed
  • Supports both applications and business needs
  • Ability to subscribe to the full universe of market data or create select streams of specific instruments
  • Reduces the burden of managing individual market data sources by offering a single, common interface for multiple feeds and sources
  • Eliminates the need to write loaders for individual feeds and sources
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