MarketMap Analytic Platform

Financial Institutions are increasingly required to maintain transparency and store large volumes of historical and financial market data to stay compliant. Additionally, accuracy and speed of analytics are key to supporting algorithmic trading and the search for alpha.

SunGard’s MarketMap Analytic Platform accepts multiple inputs of market data in any format, normalizes it and delivers it back users, in a way that is easy to understand and manage. Eight out of the top ten global banks use MarketMap Analytic Platform today.

  • Vector-based analytical database management system
  • Can manipulate and normalize data inputs of any format
  • Provides pricing and reference market data for broker-dealers to give to bankers and researchers
  • Delivers the market data and analytics that quantitative analysts and traders need to enhance strategy development 
  • Helps economists and statisticians make more accurate forecasts
  • Offers 24/7 operational support from a historical data warehouse
  • Synthesizes historical market data to identify and support business growth opportunities and reduce regulatory burdens
  • Measures investment strategy performance and attributes returns, enabling portfolio managers to make better decisions and maximize growth opportunities
  • Helps manage costs by more efficiently storing, manipulating and analyzing high market data volumes
  • Automates back-testing and provides advanced modeling through a database management system
  • Retrieves and manipulates data in a timely manner

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