iWorks Risk Management

Insurers face increasing internal and external stakeholder pressure to improve their understanding and management of risk, and to communicate this effectively. At the same time, they are looking to run underlying operations more efficiently and to use risk analytics to tackle their agenda for sustainable growth. 

SunGard's iWorks Risk Management solutions help companies reconcile these demands. It provides the tools, processes and expertise to facilitate stronger risk decision making, improve reporting capabilities, and gain important risk insights to support the fast development of profitable products.

SunGard's combination of actuarial risk models and supporting services helps insurers:

  • Apply critical stress tests to determine technical reserves and economic capital and to assess the potential impact on the company’s solvency and balance sheet
  • Make more effective asset investment decisions through enhanced asset liability modeling
  • Free up actuarial resources from managing processes to focus more on expert analysis
  • Innovate products and take them to market faster with greater insight into their profitability
  • Automate process workflows to meet internal and regulatory reporting demands more efficiently

SunGard's iWorks Prophet solution for insurance risk management is trusted by insurers and financial institutions globally. More than 9,000 users across more than 730 locations in over 65 countries rely on iWorks Prophet for insights to support their risk management decisions.

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