Hedge360 – Integrated Hedge Fund Software

The impact of increasing regulation, as well as demands for greater transparency, disclosure and better reporting, requires hedge funds to not only deliver more services faster but also promote investor confidence in their operations by demonstrating institutional credibility. SunGard's Hedge360 meets both these needs by delivering a cost-effective, integrated, installed or SaaS hedge fund software solution. Hedge360 is customized to infrastructure and reporting requirements and helps increase operational efficiency, enhance risk management and improve decision-making.

Bridging the gaps between front-, middle- and back-office operations, Hedge360 supports the full investment life cycle for hedge funds and alternative asset management firms. This includes portfolio management, portfolio accounting and reporting, partnership investment and accounting, risk management, convertible arbitrageindependent valuation and reconciliation.

Hedge360 can be deployed as a hosted platform with out-of-the-box interfaces to prime brokers, administrators, order management systems and execution management systems. You can deploy the proven integrated components on a hosted or installed basis and select the components that you require and add modules as needed to support your greater investment complexity.

Hedge360 provides hedge funds and alternative asset managers with:

  • A fully integrated application suite that supports the full investment life cycle
  • Complete integration of front-, middle- and back-office operations from one vendor, helping to streamline processes and enhance accuracy and transparency
  • Option to customized and select proven components as required and add modules as needed across portfolio management, accounting and reporting, risk management and reconciliation
  • A single source of the truth to help you efficiently handle requests
  • Enhanced real-time and ad hoc monitoring, pre-trade analysis and access to "what ifs" and "shocked" scenarios to help you respond to intraday market threats and opportunities
  • Easy access to SunGard’s suite of solutions for a reduced time to market and seamless upgrades
  • The ability to achieve institutional credibility by increasing operational efficiency, enhancing risk management and improving decision-making
  • Deployment either as a hosted platform or as integrated components on a hosted or installed basis


SunGard's Hedge360 solution provides transparency and extensive portfolio management and risk management capabilities through SunGard's Front Arena solution to keep you competitive.
SunGard's Hedge360 solution provides the portfolio accounting and reporting capabilities that you require through SunGard's VPM solution.
SunGard's Hedge360 solution provides partnership and investor accounting capabilities through SunGard's InvesTier solution to increase visibility and reduce cost and risk.
SunGard's Hedge360 solution provides you with market risk management capabilities through SunGard's APT offering, which helps you effectively monitor and manage your business's investment risks.
SunGard's Hedge360 solution provides convertible arbitage capabilities through SunGard's Monis suite of solutions, which includes convertible bond pricing, analysis, modeling, trading, valuation and portfolio management tools.
SunGard's Hedge360 solution provides the independent valuations you need through SunGard's FastVal offering.
SunGard’s hedge fund software provides reconciliation capabilities through SunGard’s IntelliMatch Operational Control solution and helps hedge funds achieve institutional credibility.
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