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Energy Trading & Operations

200 Energy Companies Rely on SunGard's Aligne for Energy Trading, Risk & Operations

Energy markets are becoming more competitive every day... emerging economies demand an ever greater share of limited fossils fuels... environmental concerns place increased constraints on production... regulators demand more transparency, more accountability and more open markets. Technology is a competitive differentiation.

Streamlining operations, getting a timely view of the consolidated risks, and having ready access to the information for good decision-making is vital. To help address these challenges, SunGard offers a comprehensive Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) platform that is highly configurable, flexible and componentized.

Aligne integrates trading, risk and control, credit, asset optimization, fuels management, power operations, gas operations, emissions compliance, back office, and treasury and finance into a single platform with sophisticated data analytics. 

Pipeline Operations

Aligne helps pipeline operators and natural gas marketers drive efficiencies in their operations in a single platform, empowering companies to achieve a competitive advantage.

Gas & Power Operations

Aligne for Natural Gas and Power Operations helps gas and energy marketers drive operational efficiencies with a single platform for front, middle, and back offices.

Marketing & Trading

SunGard’s Aligne provides the transaction backbone, reporting and decision support tools to help traders and marketers meet today's challenges.

Industrial & Commercial Energy Consumers

Aligne helps energy market participants to effectively manage the complexities of trading power, natural gas, emissions and weather for both physical and financial instruments.
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Operational/asset optimization is top business concern

By Alan Gunn | Friday, September 5, 2014
vice president, sales,
SunGard's energy business
In a recent market study conducted by SunGard’s energy business, natural gas market participants widely pinpointed operational and asset optimization as their top business concern, rating it as a higher priority than both regulatory compliance and infrastructure.  Market participants face constant pressure to adjust to changing gas supply patterns while market regulations are placing increased pressure on real-time information. Companies are increasingly turning to automation to meet these increased demands. Automated scheduling helps protect against the potential errors or time delays that may occur from scheduling manually in spreadsheets. Automation can support both simple title transfers at a trading location or hub, as well as the more complex scheduling across multiple pipelines, varying contracts, and nomination models. In addition, these automation schemes are particularly beneficial in high-volume scenarios such as upstream production or downstream retail businesses. Managing

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