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55% of companies hold up the entire invoice when there is a dispute recorded, a practice that can lead to increased DSO and increased bad debt expense.  AvantGard GETPAID can help you resolve disputes faster and collect on the remaining balance owed. 

Working Capital is an essential element to any competitive strategy. Companies that operate with a best in industry DSO are able to free up cash to fuel growth. 

With AvantGard GETPAID, organizations can aggregate data across multiple systems for a single view of collections risk. Then with embedded workflow and automation, the solution will build work queues and send notifications for accelerated collections. 

Connectivity via portals will allow real-time interaction with sales, service and customers to reduce time spent chasing payments or correcting disputes.

Read these customer stories to learn how AvantGard GETPAID has helped to lower DSO, decrease deduction cycle time and reduce FTEs.

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7 Steps Toward Improving Credit and Collections

By C.J. Wimley | Monday, October 13, 2014
COO for receivables,
SunGard's corporate liquidity business
As credit and collections departments continue to face increased pressure to manage more with less, including an influx of invoice volume, there is increased demand for automation and workflow. I am speaking at the Credit Research Foundation Forum on this topic and presenting results from our recent Global Credit & Collections Benchmarking study. I thought I would share these 7 steps that I pulled out from the study that can help guide you toward improving your credit and collections processes and alleviate some of the pressures: Aggregate data across disparate ERP systems for a single view of credit risk; Introduce statistical scoring models to drive collections prioritization; Engage in monthly scoring of the ENTIRE A/R portfolio Segregate disputes from collectable portions of an invoice Use routing and tracking software to expedite the resolution of disputed invoices; Monitor collection agencies in real-time for performance and effectiveness with collection agency management Me