AvantGard Increase Your Liquidations

Consumer Collections Scoring


Consumer debt collections is a daunting endeavor…increase your liquidations and improve your margins using behavioral data to optimize bids and prioritize collections activity.

Whether you are a collection agency, late stage collector, debt buyer, in legal collections, a utility, leasing / financial service, telecom or hospital, you are likely looking to improve your collections effectiveness.

Utilizing industry-specific models developed for early and late stage collections organizations can optimize resource time and improve margins through automated collections scoring models.  Predictive Metrics Models are created specifically for:

  • Debt Buyers & Late Stage Collection Agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities & Telecoms
  • Lease & Loan Portfolios
  • B2B Trade Credit & Collections 

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The costs of education

Monday, March 24, 2014
I recently heard that college costs have increased in the last five years by 77% in Arizona, 75% in Georgia, and 70% in Washington. And that’s just in the past five years! Many students graduate from university carrying much more than a college degree – many also carry heavy debt burdens. In fact, US Department of Education data confirms that student loan default rates are rising. A new calculation measuring three-year default rates shows that 13.4% of student loan borrowers default within three years of entering repayment; for-profit institutions had the highest average three-year default rates at 22.7%. The concern about default rates and desire to ensure that all borrowers have the tools to manage their debt is very challenging. As we know, the world of student loans is fraught with the casualties of unprecedented delinquencies and defaults, severe resource constraints and the want to rehabilitate or restore the borrower to favorable status. For many, the use of statistical-based be

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