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Consumer Collections Scoring


Consumer debt collections is a daunting endeavor…increase your liquidations and improve your margins using behavioral data to optimize bids and prioritize collections activity.

Whether you are a collection agency, late stage collector, debt buyer, in legal collections, a utility, leasing / financial service, telecom or hospital, you are likely looking to improve your collections effectiveness.

Utilizing industry-specific models developed for early and late stage collections organizations can optimize resource time and improve margins through automated collections scoring models.  

Predictive Metrics Models are created specifically for:

Debt Buyers & Late Stage Collection Agencies    Healthcare
Utilities & Telecoms   Lease & Loan Portfolios
B2B Trade Credit & Collections   Student Loan

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Stemming the Tide of Medical Debt with Predictive Metrics

Medical debt is on the rise... One in five Americans had trouble paying medical bills last year – and that number is expected to rise. A recent Crain’s NY article featuring my colleague C.J. Wimley, COO of SunGard's AvantGard Receivables business, discusses how predictive metrics can be the sea wall that hospitals and healthcare providers could employ to stem the rising tide of medical debt. Hospitals’ hands are tied... Because hospitals cannot ask for payment up front, they are left particularly vulnerable to economic downturns. In many cases, operational expenses have already been cut drastically, leaving no further room for cutbacks. For this reason, some healthcare providers are turning to methods to help improve  medical debt recovery and collections. Making healthcare collections more accurate with predictive metrics is still an unorthodox concept in the healthcare community. However, predictive metrics can help predict which patient's debts are most likely to be collectible. Fur