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Corporate Liquidity

Solutions for Liquidity Management

The intrinsic value of a corporation is based upon its ability to drive free cash flow in a predictable fashion. Corporations today are challenged by manual processes, disparate systems and lack of workflow automation.

SunGard's AvantGard helps address these requirements by offering solutions designed to drive stringent treatment of trade receivables, sophisticated treasury and cash management and coordinated execution of payment processing with SWIFT connectivity.

The solutions can be deployed on premises, in a hosted environment or as a SaaS solution; each with a suite of services aimed at helping our customers minimize their IT burden and total cost of ownership.

White Glove Service

SunGard’s AvantGard solutions are supported by a global services team of over 300 domain and technical experts that offer a full range of services from business consulting and implementation to ongoing training, support and hosting.  Our managed services include routine upgrades, managed bank connectivity and managed risk scoring.

More than 2,250 organizations and more than 50,000 professionals in 40 countries rely on AvantGard.  The AvantGard customer community meets regularly to share best practices, to discuss emerging trends and to work with SunGard on future direction.

GETPAID Software Credit & Collections

SunGard's AvantGard GETPAID & Predictive Metrics offers credit risk analysis, credit scoring, collections management, dispute resolution and cash application processing.

Treasury & Risk Management

SunGard's AvantGard Treasury encompasses a full range of requirements for risk analysis, cash management, forecasting, treasury operations, and managed bank connectivity.

Payment Centralization

SunGard's AvantGard Payments suite of payments solutions helps streamline the processing of payments including managed bank connectivity with an embedded SWIFT service bureau.


SunGard's AvantGard PayNetExchange solution offers a single payments execution platform including check processing, ACH, virtual card, wires and SWIFT payments.

Consumer Collections Scoring

Utilizing industry-specific models developed for early and late stage collections.
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Reinforcing your Payments Department Fortifications against Fraud

By Andrew Owens | Wednesday, July 30, 2014
senior vice president of enterprise payments,
SunGard's corporate liquidity business
In my recent Finextra article, I examined some of gaps in corporate payments processes.  Our global study on payments and bank connectivity showed that only 20% of companies have implemented standardized controls around their payments workflows -- like building a castle without a moat, leaving the entire organization vulnerable. In order to really take control over those in your organization that are making and approving payments being sent to your banks, you need to centralize that control. Payment Factory Software is part of that solution. Another key area that we identified was in the intricate webs of banking relationships that emerge as companies grow, often maintaining multiple local currency accounts to facilitate subsidiary transactions. However, the marginal fund balances in these accounts may be missing opportunities to be properly invested, and those balances may also be invisible to the Treasury team. Our study found that companies undergoing centralization projects often r

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Driving Collector Performance with the Collections Effectiveness Index

By C.J. Wimley | Wednesday, August 20, 2014
COO for receivables,
SunGard's corporate liquidity business
I attended the Credit Research Foundation’s Credit Forum this week in Denver. I always have great discussions with credit professionals at these forums about how they are managing their credit and collections efforts.  One of the topics that seems to always be of interest is measuring collector effectiveness.  A recent SunGard market study states that 44% of companies are using the Collections Effectiveness Index to measure performance.  According to the Credit Research Foundation, the Collections Effectiveness Index expresses the overall effectiveness of the credit and collections operation over time. The closer to 100 percent, the more effective the efforts. How does it work? Here is the equation: (Beginning Receivables + (Credit Sales/n*) – Ending Trade Receivables Beginning Receivables + (Credit Sales/n*) – Ending Current Receivables    (x 100) = CEI n = number of months While the use of this specific metric has never been as widely adopted as Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), it is wo

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Bridging the Gap Between A/P and A/R to Accelerate Electronic Payments

By Matthew Dragiff | Tuesday, August 19, 2014
vice president, product management,
SunGard's AvantGard Payment Services
It is interesting to note that electronic payments is a topic of discussion at the Credit Research Foundation (CRF) Credit Forum this week in Denver.  In many respects, the challenges faced by A/P and A/R departments are the same: Both wish to move from paper- to electronic-based transactions Both would like to achieve some measure of straight through processing (STP) Both have trading partners with limited resources (or desire) to automate their processes Both lack dedicated staff to undertake automation initiatives. Both rely heavily on email for invoice and remittance delivery Both are trying to do more with less For A/P departments, the challenges include receiving invoices in multiple formats, rekeying invoice information and the workflow involved with performing the three-way match and routing the invoice for approval. For A/R departments, the challenges include receiving payments in multiple formats, re-keying remittance data, and re-associating payment and remittance data whe

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