The financial industry is in the midst of the most aggressive regulatory changes since the 1940s. Firms now have to manage the data and processes needed to address regulatory challenges and mitigate risk from all areas of the business, Additionally, as global regulatory bodies improve their coordination, they need solutions that support a myriad of global regulations and can be modified quickly to meet new regulations. As firms evolve their compliance strategy to collaborate across the business, they are moving toward simplified workflows and automated solutions that are flexible enough to keep pace with changing regulatory demands and integrated to maintain a comprehensive view of the business. 

SunGard’s Protegent suite of solutions provides firms greater visibility into potential risk factors while increasing operational efficiency and regulatory transparency. By utilizing one trusted partner, you can efficiently mitigate compliance risks and lower total cost of ownership.

Protegent helps firms:
  • Identify patterns of trading behavior across multiple asset classes that may indicate market manipulation or illegal insider trading before they can compromise the firm’s reputation
  • Fully administer the entire staff personal trading process to ensure that conflicts of interests are managed appropriately
  • Manage and mitigate conflicts between lines of business within the organization
  • Streamline initial and ongoing customer due diligence, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes
  • Facilitate and expedite the opening of new brokerage and non-brokerage accounts
  • Establish policies that leverage social media as a viable and effective means of customer outreach
  • Keep up with the changes in the regulatory environment and ensure that staff are in step via policy dissemination and continuing education
  • Ensure trade monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements such as Reg NMS, OATS and OTS reporting
  • Create efficiencies in commissions processing to help ensure proper payouts and payment holds

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