Asset Arena 360 - Portfolio Management System

To maintain and build on their unique place in the asset management market as specialist entrepreneurs, boutique investment management firms need to stay focused on their core competencies, achieve scale and demonstrate institutional-grade operations, order management systems and control. SunGard’s Asset Arena 360 solution is a one-stop portfolio management system that supports entrepreneurial growth by meeting a boutique’s technology demands.

Designed specifically for boutique asset managers by portfolio managers, Asset Arena 360 provides a 360-degree view of a firm’s investments through its order management system. The solution offers comprehensive coverage of the whole investment chain, including portfolio analysis and simulation, compliance monitoring, risk management, trade execution, performance attribution, client reporting and back-office reconciliation.

By helping boutiques achieve the institutional credibility they need to raise assets, the Asset Arena 360 portfolio management system ultimately empowers them to build and protect their reputation, focus on their strengths and improve performance, efficiency and investment management compliance.

  • Delivers core investment technology across front-, middle and back-office functions, with customizable dashboards
  • Facilitates trade execution and real-time tracking, pre-trade constraint checks and transaction cost calculations
  • Provides a real-time view of key risk metrics, including beta, volatility, correlation, tracking error, modified duration and yield to maturity
  • Enables the calculation of value at risk on demand or benchmarking with models, as well as the storage of historical risk data for reporting
  • Tracks overall return and return sources and analyzes effects and historical variations
  • Supports slice-and-dice analysis of performance and comparison with indices, benchmarks and models at underlying levels
  • Automates the delivery of clear, customized client investment reports
  • Monitors cash inflows and outflows, tracks and triggers sales activities, and gives instant access to major client metrics
  • Simulates investment decisions and measures their effects by applying a range of assumptions
  • Helps improve portfolio insight, increase efficiency and reduce operational costs through user-friendly technology
  • Supports well-informed trade decisions, helps you avoid breaching limits and provides an accurate assessment of post-trade situations
  • Enables you to meet the due diligence and reporting demands of investors and comply with regulation
  • Ensures effective and compliant risk management
  • Provides a 360-degree view of performance and instant updates on returns
  • Helps optimize asset allocation
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