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Swiss Surprise

By David Lewis | 1/28/2015
senior vice president, Astec Analytics,
SunGard's capital markets business
The words surprise, shock and Switzerland are rarely seen in the same sentence, much less one with the words “central bank” included. It’s a country seen as the embodiment of structure, efficiency and order rarely surprises anyone, but last week that changed in dramatic fashion when Switzerland stopped pegging its currency to the euro.

The New Scalability: How Hedge Funds Can Achieve Growth Under Pressure

By Dae Kim, COO, SunGard's Hedge360 solution | 1/28/2015
Today, the largest hedge fund managers attract by far the most capital from investors, for whom operational scale carries enormous weight. As scale becomes synonymous with success, smaller hedge funds face a fight to survive.

How to Determine ROI for Finance Initiatives

By Berl Kaufman, senior manager, SunGard's global trading business | 1/27/2015
Once a finance team is contemplating a transformation initiative, it faces the daunting task of justifying the expenditure. Various metrics are available, including net present value (NPV), payback, and internal rate of return (IRR), but one of the best tools is an analysis of the project’s return on investment (ROI).

Are You Ready to Make Bank Debt Your Business?

By Scott Alintoff | 1/27/2015
SunGard's asset management business
Hedge funds must carefully review the people and processes, operations and expertise that bank debt demands before investing in this powerful but challenging asset class.

Improving Data Collection & Data Dissemination Within Central Banks

Now that central banks are tasked with the microeconomic oversight of regional banks as well macroeconomic policy, they need to increase their focus on collecting the right data and then turning it into actionable insights using business intelligence.

The Three Rs of 2015: Breaking Down Risk Roadblocks

2015 is set to be anything but dull as far as risk and regulation are concerned. Basel and Dodd-Frank will continue to keep banks busy, and purse strings will draw ever tighter as regulation consumes even more budget in the area of risk IT. As risk managers continue to battle the regulatory burden, this situation has become an all-encompassing norm that defines the function of risk as we know it today. But how will it continue to evolve this year? The dawn of the new year provides us with an opportunity to explore the game changing risk and regulatory trends that are set to impact the industry this year.   There are three major risk roadblocks that the industry needs to attack in full force this year to ensure not only regulatory compliance but robust performance and profitability.

Boutique Asset Managers Act Big, Remain Nimble & Grow Cautiously for Success

By Paul Compton | 1/15/2015
head of strategy,
SunGard's asset management business
Boutique investment managers have to be cognizant of the challenges that scale can create in their ability to enter and exit positions. Making big plays in single markets can require firms to trade in large blocks, potentially increasing their market impact, whether buying or selling. The negative effect this has on trading costs can be put in the shade if the firm is unable to exit positions in volatile conditions. In markets that have stringent ownership limits, low levels of liquidity and limited access to the latest trading tools – and many of the ASEAN markets are on this spectrum – such a risk is a real possibility.

Make Decisions that Drive Performance

By Jonathan Broch | 1/15/2015
head of pre-sales and product strategy, private equity solutions,
SunGard's asset management business
For private equity general partners and limited partners, decisions drive performance on many levels, with one good choice often taking care of many others. One of the most important decisions with such broad-reaching effects is a firm’s technological infrastructure.

Is Collateral Management a Front-Office Function?

By Ted Allen | 1/14/2015
vice president, collateral management,
SunGard's capital markets business
With the regulatory pressure to clear as much OTC business as possible and the increased focus on increased amounts of capital and margin, it isn’t surprising that the collateral management function is far more visible in all organizations. So is collateral management (CM) now a front-office function?

Investors See Competitive Advantage in Boutique Asset Managers

By Paul Compton | 1/14/2015
head of strategy,
SunGard's asset management business
For boutique asset managers, who typically have fewer resources than their larger peers, the inability to track rapidly changing rules creates risk, and that in turn can put barriers up around where they invest.
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